Why You Need With The Best Elder Care Services

Elder Care AssistanceIf age has started to take its toll and activities such as mowing the lawn or tending the garden are things that you find it hard or even impossible to do, you feel depressed and alone at home but you don’t want to go to a senior living facility, then you should definitely learn about the elder care services provided by a trusted in-home company.

Getting rid of loneliness

As you’ve aged, you have probably lost many friends and family members. Your children are grown up and they have a hard time tending to their own children, let alone be able to take care of you. Rather than entering a downward spiral of depression and anxiety, you can turn to elder care for help. Doing so would provide you with the assistance you need for various activities and ensure you won’t feel alone and isolated anymore.

Spending higher quality time with your family

While your children may be busy off doing their own thing, it must be hard for them to start doing the jobs you can’t do anymore whenever they come to your place. Rather than spending some time with you and having a chat, they need to tend after the home. By hiring an elder care service you make sure that all your needs and house chores are taken care of so that you can spend that quality time with your family. You will feel more loved and less of a burden to your family while they will definitely appreciate being in your company.

Help with house chores

Things such as sweeping the floor, doing the dishes or mowing the loan might have become true nightmares. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about them anymore, as a senior care professional can tend to all of these things and make sure the house is squeaky clean. Not only do you get all house chores done, but if you have physical ailments you also get help taking a bath, moving around, etc.

Getting to eat healthy and tasty food

You might not be able to run down to the supermarket to get something to eat or don’t have the energy to cook anymore. With a senior care professional you get home cooked food that is healthy for you, as well as tasty. You won’t just eat well from now on, but also regain your strength. It has been proven that many people make a spectacular recovery even from healthy food alone, so you’d definitely appreciate it.

Going out with great company

With the help of a professional you also get to go out to the park, or perhaps be accompanied to the cinema or a museum. You don’t have to spend time alone anymore, and neither do you have to be isolated indoors.

So change your life for the better. Get help with house chores, cooking and enjoy your golden years just as you deserve by hiring some reputable elder care services near you.

Provide A Fun And Meaningful Physical Activities To Elderly

happy physical activities for seniors

Our body is made to do activities. Before any tools and advance inventions for convenience are made, people constantly move and manually do physical activities.

In the advent of these convenient inventions however, people are getting less physical activities as it used to. Hence, unwanted fats and illnesses are developed over time.

For this reason, experts advice people to do regular exercise to compensate the need for people to move and do physical stuff.

This is why we see a lot of healthy conscious people now doing regular exercises both outdoor and indoor.

However, what we usually see doing these exercises are teens and adults. We seldom see elderly doing these exercises

Now the question is, does elderly needs to perform exercises at their age?

Here is what we get from our careful research.

For the average person an exercise program of 30 minutes for five days a week (or 150 minutes per week) has been shown to reduce the risk of death by 30%. However, the ‘pros and cons’ of exercise for elderly people has not been so clearly determined.

Now, a French study has shown that in the elderly the risk of death also decreases with greater and more regular exercise. Over 1,000 people were enrolled in the study at age 65 in 2001 and followed-up for 13 years. Although 10% died during this period, the risk of death was calculated to be 57% lower in those whose activity level was equal to or higher than 150 minutes a week.

There were other significant findings too – notably that starting or restarting physical activity during retirement reduced the risk of death by two-thirds. Credits: Even modest exercise helps the elderly | Ackers Chemists Blog

Now, here is another question: what kind of exercise should an elderly do?

Well, we suggest that before undergoing any exercise program if you will, better consult the physician of the elderly first.

What we suggest is to just let the elderly active in his or her own pace.

“Getting seniors to be active in any way will generally improve their quality of life and help them function better in their everyday activities,” said Linda Russell, MD Credits: Exercise Reduces Pain, Improves Musculoskeletal Outcomes in the …

What we also suggest is to make these exercise to be fun and not boring for the elderly. A group workout with other elderly is a good one. Take your time to find groups of elderly people doing group workout.

Participating in a group exercise program allows her to make friends and it can even inspire her to stick to her exercise program more effectively. Credits: Can an Exercise Group Work for Your Elderly Loved One?

Lastly, always have this in mind to see to it that doing exercises will not create an impression to elderly that it is needed and you are requiring them to do it.

Make it in a way that the elderly is seeing exercise as a fun and meaningful activities they can do in the twilight years of their lives.

The Right Care To Our Elders Need

right care for elders

Everyone of us will eventually face the reality that later, one of our loved ones and us need right and proper care when we all get old.

Each old person requires a different amount of care from being so sickly or just body being deteriorated.

We must learn ahead of time not to underestimate elder care needs. Having this consideration in mind, consulting to expert advice is necessary.

We will be discussing few of important things that we sometimes take for granted in caring for our elders and ourselves soon.


When an older adult’s doctor sends them home with a prescription, that’s only the beginning of a complex process, says Dybnis. The first issue that can arise is that a senior may fail to fill the prescription at all, or not understand how to take the medication when she gets it home. Then, of course, there’s the issue of your parent not remembering to take the medication, or — sometimes even more dangerous — forgetting she’s taken the medication and taking it again, resulting in an overdose. Credits: Underestimating Elder Care Needs: How Much Help Does Mom 

Assisted Living Home For Not Sickly Elders

An Assisted Living Home might be the ideal solution for an elder who can’t manage well at home, but doesn’t have severe medical problems. The very fact that the elder isn’t very ill, sometimes makes choosing the appropriate level of care in an Assisted Living Home a challenge. It’s important to first make an honest inventory of the elder’s capabilities in order to obtain the proper level of help from the Home’s staff. Credits: Elder Care Concerns | The Community Word

10 Commandments of Elder Care

The following commandments are made from Israeli Doctor that really make sense.

Please take a closer look and consideration to these 10 commandments:

Rule 1 Children should remain in contact and involved with their parents various functional states. Children are a source of happiness, vitality and satisfaction to their parents.

Rule 2 parents Autonomy should be respected. Adult children should be aware of and respect the wishes of their parents by not making decisions for them regarding living arrangements and caretakers that the children deem to be correct

Rule 3 Conversations should be suitable to the functional level of the parent. One should speak in simple easy to understand terms when a parents cognitive functions are impaired.

Rule 4 Adult children should invest quality time in preparation prior to visiting ageing parents giving thought to topics of conversation

Rule 5 Give thought to role changing. It is difficult for even an adult child to witness the decline of their parents often remembering them as how they were when younger.

Rule 6 Adult children should refrain from providing physical care to their parents(bathing, dressing, feeding). Such care is best provided by a professional long term caregiver.

Rule 7 Parents possessions must not be distributed to adult children and all legal instruments should be in place prior to their death.

Rule 8 Leaving a parent(s) in their home or relocation to a facility more suitable to their needs. Such decisions should be based upon medical evaluations and criteria and the ability to perform the basic activities of daily living.

Rule 9 Adult children should make an effort to be well informed of their parents medical condition, medications and illnesses and not hesitate to seek additional medical opinions as the situation warrants.

Rule 10 Children should be kind to parents by relating happy news about grandchildren and themselves. Credits: Israeli Doctor Writes Ten Commandments Of Eldercare | – JP Updates

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3 Surprising Hacks To Enhance Your Memory

enhancing memory

We all know that as people grows old, aside from obvious physical deterioration, memory also deteriorates.

We also heard and read that our neurons in the brain are not capable of regenerating it self. Whether or not it regenerates, we will disclose in this article 3 surprising hacks to enhance our memory.

Physical Exercise

Yes, doing physical exercise can enhance our memory. Aside from the good benefits of exercise to our body, experts believed that it is also good to our memory.

Exercise can enhance the development of new brain cells in the adult brain, a process called adult neurogenesis. These newborn brain cells play an important role in learning and memory. A new study has determined that mice that spent time running on wheels not only developed twice the normal number of new neurons, but also showed an increased ability to distinguish new objects from familiar objects. These results are published in the first issue ofBrain Plasticity.

“Our research indicates that exercise-induced increase in neurogenesis improves pattern separation by supporting unique and detailed long-term representations of similar but nevertheless different memory items. Pattern separation is involved in many memory tasks of everyday life. For example, when learning the game of chess, it is critically important to remember the different shapes of pieces like the pawn and bishop. Similarly, remembering the precise pattern of pieces on the board during a previously successful opening or endgame may decide who will win or lose,” explained lead investigator Josef Bischofberger, PhD, Professor, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel (Switzerland).

“This study provides novel evidence for running-induced enhanced pattern separation. The experiments are based on an innate behavior of mice, which are naturally curious and preferentially explore novel objects in their environment. Objects were designed to be more or less similar to each other, to test how precisely the animals remember object properties. This is unique, in being both not stressful and not requiring additional motivators, such as food or water deprivation, to demonstrate the beneficial effects of exercise on cognition,” commented Brian R. Christie, PhD, Co-Guest Editor of the issue and Professor, Neuroscience Graduate Program Director Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria, and Island Medical Program, University of British Columbia. Credits: Can physical exercise enhance long-term memory? – Medical Xpress

Self Imagination

Really? This was my question when I first read that self imagination can help enhance our memory.

There’s no question that our ability to remember informs our sense of self. Now research published in Clinical Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, provides new evidence that the relationship may also work the other way around: Invoking our sense of self can influence what we are able to remember.

Research has shown that self-imagination – imagining something from a personal perspective – can be an effective strategy for helping us to recognize something we’ve seen before or retrieve specific information on cue. And these beneficial effects have been demonstrated for both healthy adults and for individuals who suffer memory impairments as a result of brain injury.

These findings suggest that self-imagination is a promising strategy for memory rehabilitation. But no study has investigated the effect of self-imagination on what is perhaps the most difficult, and most relevant, type of memory: free recall. Credits: Self-Imagination Can Enhance Memory in Healthy and Memory …

How About Colors?

In our everyday lives, we are confronted with different kinds of colors in our surroundings. It’s surprising that these colors enhances also our memory apart from giving life and vibrant to our lives.

Color is the most powerful stimulus for the brain. It opens up other areas of the brain and allows greater and easier learning and remembering.

…information enters our brain through eyes and ears and it is stored in the so called sensory memory. But we can pay attention only to a small amount of information. Once something has attracted our attention, it moves into our working memory. The brain notices and remembers color first!

Farely and Grant found out that colored multimedia presentations resulted in better attention and memory performance.  Greene, Bell and Boyer further explained that warm types of colors such as yellow, red and orange have greater effect on attention, compared to the cool type of colors like brown and gray. The right combination of colors is also important, because it can produce higher level of contrast. Higher level of contrast attracts more attention and better visibility which influences memory retention (Dzulkifli and Mustafar). Credits: How colors can enhance memory performance? – The Edynco blog

There you have it – the 3 surprising hacks (I shoud say) to enhance our memory.

So from now on, never underestimate the power of physical exercise, self imagination, and the colors around you.

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